Trademarks, Trade names:


In Haiti the registration is valid for 10 years, the processing time takes around 8 months (if no opposition is filed).  

For the registration we need:

  • ORIGINAL POA Notarized

  •  A letter with theses information:

  1. The trademark

  2. The applicant’s name

  3. The applicant’s address

  4. The class

  5. 6 copies of the logo if there’s one, (description of the logo) 


The declaration of continuity is essential. The applicant can either do a declaration of use or non-use.  The declaration of use shows that the brand is in force and the declaration of no use simply indicates that it is no longer in effect but the owner retains ownership.


The declaration of continuity must be made after the first three months of the fifth year. Without the declaration of continuity, you can’t make the renewal to maintain the trademark available. This process required the assistance of a lawyer and cannot be pursue by the owner of the trademark himself.


For the logo, the description of the design is also required and the applicant must specify in advance if he/she wants to claim colors or if the owner want to keep the black and white model.


The renewal is due every 10 years. It is important for the applicant to advise us at least one month before the expiration if he/she wants to renew their trademark.




 It’s a relatively long process that could take between 6 months to 1 year.  For the Registration of the Patent, we need:


  • Notarized POA (original),

  • The invention name

  • The inventor’s name

  • The inventor’s/manufactures address

  • Complete description of the invention with or without designs 

  • The applicant’s name

  • The applicant’s address

  • All the documents should in French in order to obtain the authorization of the Minister. If a translation is required,  we can provide a translator.

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