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HAPPY ANCESTORS DAY everyone Nowadays most Haitians prefer to celebrate everyone else's traditions except their own. Halloween, thanksgiving, independence day of other countries have become staples to them. Yesterday was one of them.Year after year less and less Haitians remember January first is not only the beginning of a new year but also our independence day which once again went unnoticed once more specially because we have such careless rulers and an inconsistent and insignificant opposition. We forget or choose to ignore that we have so much greater and powerful holidays. Our independence day, our Ancestors day, our day of the dead even our carnival which we still praise but not for it's tradition values, famous parades and gorgeous costumes and masks but only for it's often soulless and tasteless songs. We complain of the country's situation and yet we forget that our new year resolutions would be so much better achieved if each of us did in our own way what is needed to be done for this country to rise again. Nobody can help than us. Today I salute my ancestors and to them I say thank you as without them I would not be the super strong and confident woman that I am today. I was chosen to be born in Haiti, the first black Republic of the world, the earth of freedom for all,the earth where we fought and crushed the most powerful army of the world at the time Napoleon's army. For some years now and for the rest of my days I promise to myself to choose to always show my side of the story of my beloved and Great Haiti through my voice and the mix of my passions, creativity and talents inherited from this island. I hope among all these new year resolutions which everyone has, that some of us will think of doing something positive for this land we call home and come back to anytime after a bad experience like an old lover whom never ceases to love us despite our numerous cheating adventures.

Giovanna Menard ESQ

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