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FAQS about International Divorce in Haiti.

1. Q: Is the Haitian divorce legal in my Country ?

A: Since your marriage is recognized worldwide, it is what is called “reciprocity” in

International Law, so Yes the Haitian divorce is recognized worldwide*.

· However, it is still recommended for persons looking to get a divorce in Haiti to get legal advice concerning the validity of such divorce in their state of residence.

2. Q: Do I have to travel to Haiti for this process? For how long?

A:Yes you will have to travel to Haiti for only two (2) days (48 Hours).

3. Q: How long will it take for you to get your divorce papers?

A: You will be able to get your divorce papers in two months

4. Q: And how about child custody and child support?

A: The divorce decree will pronounce itself about the child custody but will not fix the child support.


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