INTERNATIONAL DIVORCE/Divorce lawyer and child support. 

Most of the time, DIVORCE procedures are very expensive and time-consuming in most countries of the world. Europeans and Americans often opt for an INTERNATIONAL DIVORCE. 

That's why CABINET MENARD-LEMITHE has thought of offering you this service.

Indeed, the Republic of Haiti with its decree of March 27th 1974 offers a considerable advantage to foreign tourists or residents who wish to divorce.


What questions should be asked?


First, you must determine whether you want a bilateral or unilateral divorce. A bilateral divorce implies the mutual consent of both spouses to the legal dissolution of the marriage. A unilateral divorce involves the consent of only one spouse, in this case, you (Haiti is the only option for divorce abroad if you are unable to obtain your spouse's consent for the divorce.).


Q:What kind of documents do you need?


  1.  The applicant must be a foreigner of origin or by naturalization

  2.  The original marriage certificate and three photocopies
    N.b. if the marriage certificate is written in a foreign language, translation in French language is mandatory.

  3. Two copies of the first page of the passport

  4. Two copies of the certificate of naturalization

  5. Two copies of the driving license

  6. Two copies of the social security card

  7. Two copies of the family booklet and other identification documents, if the applicant is French or another nationality.


Q: How long should you be in HAITI before you’re allowed to divorce?

A: Only two days

Q: Do you have to be a resident to be able to divorce in HAITI?

A: No, not at all, all you need is your foreign passport.


Q: Will my divorce be recognized in my country of origin?

A: Normally yes, but before starting any procedure you should first check with the competent authorities in your home country.


Getting a unilateral divorce is a simple process in Haiti, it is important to determine whether or not your divorce will be recognized in your country of residence. Although foreign courts generally recognize bilateral divorces obtained abroad, this is not always the case for unilateral divorces.


Q: How long will it take for you to get your divorce papers?

A: You will be able to get your divorce papers within two months

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